Now that I have gotten a few things worked out on the site, I’ll actually write a blog.

First, I have been busy during the holidays with work foremost, and other side projects like the 12 Days of OLPness. Josh left most of that to me this year, so I hope everyone enjoyed what I was able to dig up on my side of the project. With all that, I want to thank everyone who sent birthday and Christmas wishes and cards my way. I greatly appreciate it and hope you can forgive me if I haven’t returned the favor.

I hate being sick. I had just gotten over some random crud, and now I am here with a cold. I’m not sure if I picked it up from work, if it is from the screwy weather, or from being laid out naked on the bathroom floor. The naked on the bathroom floor isn’t quite as glamorous as it sounds. I passed out in the shower and awoke to Heather and the ceiling in our bathroom. Lucky for me she caught me and kept me from bouncing my head off the floor like a ball.

I have not been to the doctor since 2001, which was quite a while before I moved to Jefferson City. With that being said, I am a new patient to any doctor that chooses to see me here. After several tries I was finally able to get in contact with a doctor whose office is located at the hospital here. The earliest I can get in? January 17. Thanks doc, appreciate the concern.

Many of us should be thankful that our health is so much better than others. I have thought about that a lot recently. One of my sales clerks has a recurring condition that leaves him almost incapacited at times. I have had to send him home several times recently because he has been unable to continue working in a safe and productive manner. He has my utmost respect and admiration for trying to work when perhaps he shouldn’t, and could easily take permanent disability. I hate to send him home, because I know it has to hurt his pride. I am scarred to death for him. I am terrified I am going to find him seriously injured on the job one day when I’m not able to check on him, or that he will have a problem at home and no one can help him. I thank God for all the good health I’ve had so far.

That’s all for today. I am tinkering with moving the blog here permanently, and just linking from the myspace blog. If you are interested in reading what I’ve written previously, you can check out my blog at MySpace for all the random babblings of my mind in the past year.

Take care!